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Adult Messages Admin Workers

This position is for an Adult Chat Operative, answering messages on a fantasy-based adult dating network in the USA


We are seeking admins to answer messages on our adult dating fantasy websites. All hours and days available. Earn 25¢ for every message you answer.. Part time and full time - This job is on a self-employed basis, you will be responsible for your own tax affairs.

You MUST be over 21. All messages must be answered on a PC or Laptop - not a cell phone or iPad/Tablet.

Sucessful applicants will be required to answer a short test of between 10 and 15 questions online in order to measure the suitability of your skills to this job.

NOTE - This is NOT telephone work - It is typing adult messages on a website.

General requirements: (Please ensure you can satsify these requirements before applying). 

  • Due to the nature of the website network you will be expected to take part in strong adult-orientated messages.
  • You must answer messages on a PC / Laptop and not on a cell phone or iPad / Tablet.
  • You must have good grammar and typing with NO txt speak (i.e., "You are" = "ur", or "speak tomorrow" = "Spk 2moz")
  • You must answer a minimum of 150 messages a week.
  • Payment is weekly by PayPal ONLY - You must have a PayPal account to get paid. (We pay all applicable fees).
  • This is a self-employed position - You will be responsible for your own tax.
  • You MUST BE 21 years or older
  • Successful applicants will be required to email photo ID as a means of proof of age if accepted for the position.

You will be paid on a weekly basis, direct to your PayPal account (this is the only payment method available).(We pay Fees where applicable) you will be paid 25¢ per message.

Application form:

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